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IPS technologies can detect or prevent network security attacks such as brute force attacks, SQL injection, or web injection. The New Zealand based company has released a newBlindScan which is the latest next generation IDS, firewall, and web filter for network security. The software includes a TCP/IP firewall, IDS, and Web Filter and blocks each of these threats from connecting or trying to connect to infected sites. Its pretty secure so I didn’t check that out, but you may want to check that out if you are vulnerable.
Symantec is a US based company and its easy to see why. It provides a variety of security services including antivirus, web antimalware, anti-spyware, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS), network intrusion detection and prevention, and the new Network Security Device Protection (NSDP). It has over 100 million subscribers worldwide and is quite popular, while being the target of many malware attacks. Some of these attacks may seem legitimate, but some of the more advanced malicious software of today were developed by Symantec and can make quite a lot of money. You may not want to use Symantec because of these malware threats, but you can download a free version of the company’s products for a limited time.
Downloading a lot of software can be a challenge, so its not too hard to download this Norton Suite for Windows XP. This Norton Suite enables you to use Norton antivirus, firewalls, IDS and IPS products as part of your defense setup to ensure your company’s systems, infrastructure and networks are secure from external threats, so if you’re interested in really protect your systems, you should check these guys out to find the right solutions for this.
Many businesses also install the Enterprise Version of Norton 360 or Enterprise Suite for their employees for additional security. Norton 360 Enterprise Suite provides a comprehensive, connected security solution. Its easy to setup, highly secure and offers one-stop access to best-of-breed security solutions.
Who uses Norton?
Many companies do use Norton, but its not the only company that uses Norton products. Norton offers a business product for non-profit organizations, public and private sector organizations, education institutions, telecommunications and healthcare organizations, public safety agencies and federal agencies that can help reduce the threat of cyber threats and prepare your organization for a more secure future.
What does Norton offer?
Norton Suite includes the following security services for Windows: an antivirus solution for Windows XP SP3/Vista/7, Windows Vista and Windows 7, a firewall, a network intrusion detection system, a network scanning engine for network devices, a web firewall, a Norton Internet Security (INS) Agent, a Norton Client Security, and an offline backup solution.
How does Norton Suite work?
The software provides powerful, focused, and more flexible security protection for PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices. These antivirus and firewall solutions, along with advanced malware protection, can help block malware from entering and wreaking havoc on your organizations network and database.
Downloading Norton Suite for Windows XP
To download Norton Suite for Windows XP click on the Download Norton Suite for Windows XP link below. If you have trouble finding the Norton Suite download link, it may be hidden in the green Microsoft logo box on this page.
The download link will show as either Downloads or Media, depending on your search results.

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